Winston & Clara, Married 8/2015

My friends were becoming a little worried for me and my "single status". So they persuaded me to make an account here on POF. I was apprehensive at first, but warmed up to the idea when I started getting messages. I also searched through the lists. I went fishing for love. One person came up in my search who shared similar interests to mine. So I messaged her a friendly hello, and then we started messaging each other. I pulled out all my moves and cheesy lines. I guess they worked because I landed a first date. It was a coffee date and we met at the mall. I remember I didn't pay for her coffee and she later told me that really bugged her. Well I must have made a good impression anyways because she still gave me her number and we went on many dates afterwards. I went fishing and struck gold! I knew early on in our dates that she was the one. The love of my life. After some time we got married and the rest is history in the making! We both have POF to thank. Happy fishing everyone! From C & W