, Married 6/2016

It was spring of 2013, when my boss would ask me weekly what my plans were for the weekend. At the time I was still working two jobs (Colin worked out in the field, in the middle of nowhere), so I would always say I’m going to work or hang out with my cat. Eventually, my boss got so tired of hearing these depressing cat lady stories, he eventually ordered me to “get out there, so I signed up for an online dating service just to appease him. In the past, I’ve tried eHarmony, Lava life and other dating sites, but they did not work for me, and they can be very expensive. So I signed up for Plenty of Fish (POF). Ladies online dating tip: No matter how hot or gorgeous you are, do not post pictures of you and your cat. Guys run fast when they see a picture of a cat. At first, when reviewing my matches, nobody caught my attention. However, this tall handsome man in a light blue shirt on page ten caught my eye. After messaging each other for a few weeks, and trying to act all coy and lady like, I figured he wasn’t going to ask me out, so not wanting to waste anymore time, I proceeded to ask him out. Hey, what have I got to lose? Long story short, in a span of 5 hours of our first date, I dictated the entire meal, I threw up, and I told Colin that I wanted to be engaged in two years, if he continued to choose to date me. And my red vw beetle is inundated in Hello Kitty decals on all sides. Nearly two years later, he popped the question in Victoria, BC Butchart Gardens. We're getting married in Riviera Maya, Mexico June 2016. If it wasn't for POF, I would still be a single, lonely, crazy cat lady! Today we're an engaged, and in love, crazy cat couple! Even crazy cat ladies have hope! Thanks POF