Connie & Andrew, Married 1/2015

Andrew and I met on POF near the end of Oct 2012, I had been using the site on and off for over a year and was about to take my profile down again after a string of unsuccessful dates. I decided that I would go out with one last guy before I deleted it and that guy was Andrew. Our first date was as Swans Brewpub, he wore a 'Science' shirt and he made fun of me for liking pumpkin beer. I knew instantly that I liked him, and I didn't want to wait for the typical 3 days because I'm I made the first move and texted him the next day. We dated for 2 months before I was offered a better job in Nanaimo and needed to move - we kept our relationship going long distance. I drove to Victoria nearly every weekend for 7 months to see him and then we alternated weekends for over a year. Our plan was for me to move back to Victoria when a good job came up but suddenly we were sidelined by him being offered an amazing job in the U.S. just before Christmas 2014. After talking about our options endlessly, one day we just decided to get married on less than 24 hours notice! We got married on New Years Day 2015 in front of Hatley Castle. We had called up family in the afternoon on the 31st and got married at 2 pm the next day. We used my great grandmothers engagement ring which my mom had been saving, but we didn't really have an engagement - I asked him to just propose that night in the living room while we watched TV. Then two months later we packed up and moved to the U.S. so he could pursue a dream job. Six months later we had our 'real' wedding so that I could plan it and more friends/family could come. Now we live in Washington and are planning on starting a family in the next two months, and we couldn't be happier :)