, Married

Ray and I met on January 11th 2014 for our first date in Bayonne after talking on POF for a week. Ray pulled up to my house in his truck and I jumped right in. He got me a bag of knitting needles and yarn because we had been talking about hobbies. From right then I knew he was different from all of the others I have dated in the past. We then went to a local sports bar where we ate pizza, apps, and of course has some beer to calm our nerves. From then on out we tools turns driving t each other and going out every weekend, which turned in to twice, and then three times a week. We simply could not get enough of one another! Shortly after Valentine's Day we started dating. We lived about an hour away from each other but we didn't let that get in the way. Throughout the past 2 years Ray continued working as a motorcycle mechanic, and I started to pursue my masters in Social Work, which I will graduate from the program in May. He has helped me reaching my goals and always being there for me. In November we had planned to go on a motorcycle ride to see the colors of the fall leaves before they all fell. Ray was sick but insisted on still gong on the ride, so we hopped on the bike and off we went. Holding Ray on the back of the bike is one of my favorite feelings in the world. We went up to our favorite spot, a scenes overlook in Atlantic Highlands, N.J. that you could see Sandy Hook, New York, and all of the trees. We got off the bike and started walking on the path. With my helmet hair blowing in the wind we stopped to look at the view and Ray turned to me and started telling me how much I meant to him. Before I could get a word out Ray pulled out a ring box opened it and proposed to me! That was the happiest moment of OUR lives! I knew from early on Ray was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I even saved the bag from our first date that he gave me the yarn and needles in because I knew it would mean something more to me one day. We are so in love and are so thankful for stumbling upon each other on POF. Thank you POF!