BiggieMarley: Grow. Live. Learn. Think Deeper Than The Eye.
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Alexandria, Virginia
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Negra/Afro-descendente, Áries
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Sobre Devon
I've had this account on and off for a while. I never really thought much on this whole about me. I just didn't see much point to the whole thing I mean really who's gonna read it. Then I said to my self, "self this is a good way to put what you want out in the universe". So here we are now talking about me. If you haven't stopped reading yet, my name is Devon. I work in the cell phone industry by day and I'm a full time adventur by night. I seriously love new things, places, foods, events. I live in the present and stay focused on my future, I have goals and ambitions. Though more importantly I have the drive to reach those goals and ambitions. I believe in working towards something and building lasting relationships that prosper. As a man I try to grow every day, be more cultured, keep my mind open to new ways of thought and opportunities. With this all being said I want some one who is similar in mind state. I want some one who is confident, bold wants to make the most out of life. We should have billion dollar dreams with thousand dollar goals. I need a women who is a queen one that makes a way even when there is no path to chose. I'm looking for something that just can't break, that won't fold and is ready to take the risk. If you feel the same say hi! I only bite if asked.

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I'm all about dinner and a movie, maybe spend some time at the park before just to get a feel for the day.

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